Volvo Group Real Estate

Volvo Group Real Estate

The mission of Volvo Group Real Estate is to provide commercial properties, optimize synergies and a high degree of standardisation regarding all real estate and facility management services within the Volvo Group, on market terms.

Contact Real Estate Management

Magnus Koch
Vice President GBS - Real Estate
Phone: +46 31 3223825



Matt Connolly
VP Western Europe Division
Location: WARWIC
Phone: +44 1926 414585


Victor Bertilson
Vice President and Head of Property Planning and Master Plans
Location: ARCE4
Phone: +46 31 3233025
Email: victor [dot] bertilson [at] volvo [dot] com

Nastja Ticic
Executive Assistant
Location: ARCE4
Phone: +46 31 3236391


Jan Kniha
Vice President East Europe Division
Phone: +420 602 728538



Hans Norrgård
VP Property & Facility Management
Location: ARCE4
Phone: +46 31 3227394
Email: hans [dot] norrgard [at] volvo [dot] com 

Ola Hansson
Vice President Nordic Division
Location: ARCE4
Phone: +46 31 3234447


Christian Liljeblad
VP Americas Division Real Estate Services
Location: CC1 -22
Phone: +1 336 3933959


Ken Minohara
VP of Asia Pacific for RE Services
Phone: +81 48 7812498
Email: ken [dot] minohara [at] volvo [dot] com