Present your idea

Present your idea

Every year a large number of inventors approach the Volvo Group with ideas and inventions.
In order to handle these ideas and inventions, it has been decided that they are to be processed through a common channel, a steering committee.

All such ideas and inventions, proposals, sent to the Volvo Group shall be accompanied by a signed copy of the General guidelines regarding external inventors and ideas offered to the Volvo Group, and the form "Registration of Invention".
Both documents are available as PDF below.

All proposals shall be written in Swedish or English.

For ideas concerning trucks, buses etc.

Send proposals to

(by either regular mail or by e-mail)

Volvo Technology Corporation
Technology & Innovation
Dept: BF40300, M1.4
SE-405 08 Gothenburg



Please note:
We do not handle proposals related to Volvo Cars

Ideas or any e-mails concerning Volvo Cars cannot be submitted or handled here.
To contact Volvo Cars, please go to:

Required documents

Please note that all proposals shall be written in Swedish or English.

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